Adele and Don Mateo in traditional shipibo dress with the family in the background

Don Mateo and Adelia a truly unique and gifted couple. Together they are working with the medicine on a very high level to free the mind and to connect with the true spirit. They work as a team both complimenting and supporting each other to give the best healing ceremonies to those that visit the center. Don Mateo performs the healing and Adelia adds support both inside and outside the ceremonies. Don Mateo has over 40 years experience with the sacred medicine and is a recognized Cuarandero the highest level possible within the Ayahuasca tradition. When you visit the center you can be sure you are working with one of the finest healers at work today in the Amazon. Below is a documentary about Don Mateo that you can watch to get an understanding of the man. The video at the moment is only available in Spanish.