When you visit the center of Don Mateo and Adele you are joining their Shipibo family. You will be working with the two most complete and gifted healers working today in the Amazon and indeed the world. They have achieved together a level of understanding and application of the medicine that is rare and are able to provide those seeking the knowledge the step by step process that is needed to really connect with the medicine.

Don Mateo and Adele accept people for ceremonies and training from anywhere from 1 day to 1 year or longer. They don’t have one size fits all at their center. They take people as they come and understand that some people need more time and other less. They can work with everyone from the complete beginner to those with a greater knowledge of the medicine. They only ask that those who want to work with the medicine do so sincerely and with commitment with is a fair to ask.

Like any great healer Don Mateo and Adele are more than the sum of their parts and they have many things happening at once. For example Don Mateo is very much interested in training people to become healers and is willing to impart his vast knowledge of the medicine to those with the correct ability. He is also interested in offering organic farming classes to those who want to plant and grow their own foods. While Don Mateo and Adele offer truly great healing and spiritual ceremonies the possibilities are endless for those who have the creativity and action to follow through on other projects within the Shipibo family.

Please note that the facilities that we offer at our center are very basic, we prefer people whose primary interest is the medicine and the learning process as opposed to luxury surroundings. Ours is a traditional Shipibo style living.

To apply for a place at our center you can send us a message from the contact us form or send an email to donmateo.net@hotmail.com. Please send us a short description about yourself and what you wish to achieve when you visit us to get the ball rolling. After that we will contact you for a better talk on the phone to see what work we can do together.

Until then all the best and we wish everyone success in the work they do with the sacred ayahuasca medicine.

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Adele and Don Mateo celebrating a family members birthday